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Video and Audio Conversion to Digital

Do you have 8mm films or home movies from the ’60s and wanting to watch them again? We convert standard or super8 8mm reels to digital by scanning them frame-by-frame to provide better video quality and resolution. Then we edit videos after scanning – stabilize video to reduce shakiness, enhance color and reduce noise and scratches. Editing is included in our pricing.

We convert any type of videotapes into digital form either to DVD or mp4, avi, wmv or mov files saved on USB stick. We don’t recommend DVD for future purposes as they will become obsolete soon. Laptops nowadays don’t have DVD player. If you need only some part of the video, we can edit it for you. Our pricing includes simple edit – trim and split videos. 

We convert cassette tapes, vinyls records, and even old audio reels to mp3 format saved on CD or USB. We enhance the audio by removing noise, clicks, and adjusting volume

Slides/Photo Scanning & Custom Services

We scan 35mm slides, negatives and photo prints using a professional scanner with the best possible resolution. Then we can create a slidehow of your photos saved on a DVD or USB. Digitize your old family photo album and view them in a slideshow!

Celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime and special moments with a photo slideshow. Make your old photos come to life and view them in a customized slideshow. Slideshows are perfect as a gift for special someone. Experience your favorite moments again and again by compiling photos in a slideshow with music.

Most of us are not perfect videographers and for every video moments captured, there are video clips that are better than others. We can clip out the best footage for you and consolidate these so the best videos are easy to view and share. We can make a custom video compilation from special occasions like weddings, christening, birthdays, baby milestones and more.

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