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Video Tapes to Digital

Video tapes to digital. VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV

We convert videotapes into digital format. We can save them as MP4 files, suitable for watching and editing on any computer. You can choose a USB stick or DVD

8mm Films to Digital

Super 8mm and 8mm film reels to digital

We convert standard and Super 8mm film reels to digital by scanning them frame-by-frame to provide better video quality, colors and resolution

Photo Slides Scanning

Photo slides and negatives scanning

We scan 35mm slides, negatives and photo prints using a professional high-resolution scanner. Then we create a slideshow that you can watch on any computer or TV!

Tapes & Vinyls to MP3

audio tapes and vinyl records to MP3 and CD

We convert cassette tapes and vinyls records to MP3 format. We remove the noise, clicks, and adjust the volume. Get them on a USB or CD and listen to your favorites anywhere!

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