Revisit Your Childhood Memories

There’s nothing more precious than those memories of the past

Convert & Transfer your Video Tapes to Digital

VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV

Do you have a collection of old videotapes at home?

Do you remember all the moments captured in the past like your childhood memories, weddings, birthdays and other family events? Those moments are priceless, and you cannot afford to lose them.

Time and environment can ruin your old videotapes. Old tapes start showing signs of degradation after several years even if you store them in proper temperature and humidity. Not to mention, it’s tough to find equipment that will play them after so many years!

The purpose of digitizing is so you can play your videos on modern technology such as your TV, computer, tablet and phone. Digital files can be easily shared and duplicated. You can copy the files to your computer, and if you back it up (you should!), they can be preserved forever.

We don’t recommend transfer to DVD anymore as DVD players are becoming obsolete. Most computer sold nowadays have no DVD drives. DVDs are also hard to duplicate – you can’t just copy and paste the contents like you would from a USB stick.

Instead, we provide digital files in mp4 format on a USB stick. You can buy one from us or bring your own. If you want your files as soon as possible, we can even send you a private link to download them from our online cloud – we will store them for you for one month.

The Process is Easy


Contact us and we will send you an estimate. We require 50% deposit to start conversions and remaining amount before pick up or mailing them out

Bring or Send

Bring your tapes to us. If you are not in Nelson, we can provide you a courier shipping label. They will pick up the materials from your home!


We will convert your videos to MP4 format, audio to MP3 and pictures to JPG – most common formats for digital media!


You receive your digital files on a USB stick. We can also email you a private link to download the digitized files – easy to share with your friends and family


Get 10 or 20% discount on bulk orders over 5 and 10 tapes

up to 1 hour


per tape

About 700 MB

up to 2 hours


per tape

About 1.5 GB

up to 3 hours


per tape

About 3GB