8mm and super 8mm reels to digital

We scan them frame by frame for best results!

Convert & Transfer your 8mm reels to digital

Do you have a collection of home movies in the form of 8mm film reels?

Do you want to watch these home movies with your family and friends again? 

Have you got these 8mm film reels from your parents but can’t play them?

Do you want to share your old videos to family who are far away?

The solution is simple – DIGITIZE. We can help you watch your home movies again in today’s technology by converting them to digital. At Digisafe, we convert 8mm film reels using a “frame-by-frame” scanner. It provides the best quality you would expect from such old media and easily beats VHS home videos! Others use projectors to replay the reels and then use a camera to capture the video from a white screen. This usually results in soft and out of focus videos, with washed out colors and low contrast. You also lose a huge part of the video on the left because of how the projectors cut off the sprockets and edges.  

See the comparison pictures and videos below. It’s the same super-8mm reel. The left part was captured on a high-end camera using a very expensive Eumig 8mm projector. The video on the right was digitized frame by frame. It takes a lot longer to do it well but the end result is well worth it.

The Process is Easy


Contact us and we will send you an estimate. We require 50% deposit to start conversions and remaining amount before pick up or mailing them out

Bring or Send

Bring your tapes to us. If you are not in Nelson, we can provide you a courier shipping label. They will pick up the materials from your home!


We will convert your videos to MP4 format, audio to MP3 and pictures to JPG – most common formats for digital media!


You receive your digital files on a USB stick. We can also email you a private link to download the digitized files – easy to share with your friends and family


Get 10-20% discounts on bulk orders over 5 or 10 reels

3in reel to digital

up to 5min


per reel

5in reel to digital

up to 15min


per reel

7in reel to digital

up to 30min


per reel