Crashed Computer? Dropped Hard Drive? Deleted Files?

We can recover your data!

How We Recover Data

So far, we have been able to recover about 80% of the failing drives. 10% get sent to specialized data recovery labs. They are expensive but have a higher chance of success. The remaining 10%? Sorry, we are not magicians!

Come see us when you need data recovery. We can usually diagnose your case and provide you with an estimate the same day. If the data is very valuable and you can afford a specialized data recovery, we can refer you to our partner lab. They have access to spare parts, clean rooms, and very expensive equipment that improves chances of success.

Our equipment and expertise allows us to recover data in most cases. There is never a 100% guarantee but we will try our best. We start by making a full sector-by-sector image of your drive, reading the easily accessible data first. This way, we can get the maximum amount of data in the shortest time possible We then tackle the slow areas with bad sectors, blocks, or failing drive heads.

After we can’t get any more data off the drive, we begin the logical recovery of the file systems and files. We check if the files are readable and can be opened. After we retrieve as much as possible, we can put the salvaged data on a new drive – either buy one from us or bring your own.

Typical Costs

Every data recovery case is different. Talk to us, bring your device and we can give you a quote.

Typical costs are as follows

  • Data backup from a working computer – $150
  • Corrupted USB stick or SD card – $150
  • Broken computer? If your hard drive is still healthy but the operating system doesn’t load or prevents you from copying data, we can back up for $250
  • Broken computer and the hard drive fails diagnostics tests? $450