Digital Conversion for Lasting Memories


Do you…

  • want to listen to your favorite songs from your cassette tapes again?
  • want to play an album once loved but your machine broke?
  • look back to the songs you used to play when you were younger?
  • want to create a playlist of songs in CD to be played in your car?  
We can help you listen to songs from your tapes again by converting them to digital
  We convert your audio recordings and vinyl records to MP3 files. Nowadays, you can find most music online for just a few dollars but what about those old albums that never got released in digital form? We will clean up songs from the hissing noise, separate into tracks, and sort and name files so you can choose what exactly you want to listen to! If you want to listen to your favorites in a car or home stereo, we can make a playlist of favorite songs to CD and you can play it in your car. 15-20 songs can fit in a CD.

CDs to MP3 or MP3 to CDs

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