Listen to your audio recordings again

Whether it’s your old songs collection or audio recordings of people you love

Audio Tapes and Vinyls to Digital

Do you want to listen to your favourite songs from your cassette tapes or vinyl records again? That music from the past… they don’t make it like this anymore!

Even though the trend nowadays is to stream music from Internet websites and services, chances are, your favourite records from the past aren’t easy to find! Not every album from the past was released in digital format.

We can help convert your old audio tapes and vinyl records to digital format. You can get the songs as MP3 files, or we can make an audio CD so you can listen to these in your car or your home stereo.

We will clean up songs from the hissing noise and clicks, separate into tracks (if title tracks and lengths are available), and sort and name files so you can choose what exactly you want to listen to!

One CD can fit approximately 10 to 20 songs, up to 80 minutes – that’s two vinyl records. A USB stick with MP3 files can easily hold hundreds of songs!

The Process is Easy


Contact us and we will send you an estimate. We require 50% deposit to start conversions and remaining amount before pick up or mailing them out

Bring or Send

Bring your tapes to us. If you are not in Nelson, we can provide you a courier shipping label. They will pick up the materials from your home!


We will convert your videos to MP4 format, audio to MP3 and pictures to JPG – most common formats for digital media!


You receive your digital files on a USB stick. We can also email you a private link to download the digitized files – easy to share with your friends and family


CDs to MP3/ MP3 to CD

cd to mp3


per CD

Cassettes to CD/ MP3

cassettes to CD


per tape

LP/ Vinyl to CD/ MP3

vinyl to CD-mp3


per record