Our Story

We are locally and family owned company who cares about what matters most.

We bought the business from Ian Read and Tania Read when they decided to retire. They had a shop in 5 Oxford street in Richmond. They were on business serving cutomers in Nelson and Richmond for over two decades until they decided to retire and sell their business to us. Our shop is now located at 120 Bridge Street, Nelson. 

We acquired their equipments to digitize videos and photos. We learned their process of digitizing analog media formats from them. Their process was great and we made it even better! They capture videos from reels by projecting it against the wall and capture it using a digital camera. We did this process for a while too until we got tired of the tedious set up from inserting and rewinding the film, darkening the room and set the digital camera at the right angle to capture the video. So we thought of making the process easier and even better. 


In 2018, we invested in better way to capture videos from 8mm Reel Films. We scan films frame-by-frame using a high-grade machine. This high quality transfer process allows room for video editing and color correction. This produces a much sharper video compared to capturing from projector wall.

We got more customers and we were motivated to provide customer satisfaction the best we can. We gradually upgraded our equipments and bought software tools to help us process videos, audios and photos. We use Sony Vegas Pro to edit videos so we can reduce grain and scratches on videos. We use Silverfast software to correct photos that we scan.   


We (Sergey and Jephany) both love photography. Sergey likes to take photos of nature while I like taking portraits of people. We both know how to edit photos to make them look good. In 2017, we started having interest in videography when we got a gopro so we started editing videos then. You can see some of these videos we made in the Gallery section. 

Our company and customers allowed us to maximize our potential. We only did photography and video editing as a hobby and now we are offer it as a service as well. 

Sergey has a computer repair business at http://yourcomputerguy.co.nz

Our Philosophy

We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right

We provide quality service the way how we would like it to be as customers

We always think of pleasing customers with a quality service done

We also try to exceed expectations and work for your best interest

You can always make money

but you can never replace what is gone


120 Bridge Street, Nelson


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